M&P Hybrid Kit – Now Available

Cole Partnerships and Training and ATEi have collaborated to produce the M&P Hybrid Kit. This kit comes with everything you need (extension block and new recoil spring assembly) to install your full size S&W M&P slide assembly on a S&W M&P compact frame. This configuration results in something closer to what many shooters want in a midsize M&P.

MP hybrid cole atei

I have found, with Glock 17s chopped to take Glock 19 magazines, that this configuration is excellent for inside the waist band and especially appendix carry. It places more slide length below the belt line which serves to anchor the gun and help prevent the grip from pushing out away from the wearer. The shorter grip reduces bulk and printing above the belt line. Best of all, shootability is greatly improved over a compact.

The kit is available with either a black nitride or nickle boron finish and costs $125. You must call ATEi to order – (313) 388-8228.


3 Responses to M&P Hybrid Kit – Now Available

  1. Andrew Dasilva February 1, 2016 at 16:35 #

    I completely agree and endorse a long slide on a (sub? or) compact slide. AMEN!

  2. Treyh007 February 2, 2016 at 00:53 #

    Interesting…… What’s MSRP on this product?

  3. Cymond February 2, 2016 at 04:34 #

    Unfortunately, it seems that you’d need to buy two M&Ps to build one of these. I’m not sure what you’d do with the leftover full-size frame and compact slide.
    As you said, Glocks can be chopped to this configuration. Alternatively, Lone Wolf Dist sells a similar kit to put a G17 or G34 slide on a G19 frame. Again, Glock benefits from a massive availability of both aftermarket and factory parts. (And I’m not a Glock fanboy).

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