Vortex Defender Flip Caps

The new Defender Flip Caps from Vortex Optics were one of the best things to come out of the lead up to SHOT Show 2016. Scope caps aren’t sexy but these will be a welcomed addition to the current scope caps on the market… most of which are either garbage, proprietary, expensive, or some combination of those attributes.


The Defender Flip Caps feature beefed up polymer construction versus other caps on the market. They have a spring loaded opening feature and can then be snapped into different positions depending on the user’s preference. They will also be compatible with Vortex’s new Dope Disk which is a dope chart that fits inside the cap and can be customized via their free LRBC ballistic app.

Best of all, these are made in the USA and covered by Vortex’s excellent warranty. I have high hopes for these.

Check out the Defender Flip Caps and Dope Disks at Vortex Optics.


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