Condor Tool & Knife CLOUDBURST AXE

Condor Tool & Knife has built a line of axes and hatchets that are known for offering an excellent value. They have taken steps to grow and improve that line over the last several years. The latest addition, as of SHOT Show 2016, is their CLOUDBURST AXE.


The CLOUDBURST is fairly unique configuration in the axe market. It combines a classic American axe head shape with a somewhat Scandinavian Forest axe size. It is smaller than a typical American boys axe but larger than a hatchet. The result is an axe that packs well when lashed to a pack but can be used for processing larger firewood.

It comes with a leather sheath and a leather guard which is a very functional and classy touch. The 0-1060 carbon steel, phantom beveled, head weighs in at 1.5 pounds and has been designed to split the difference between chopping performance and splitting performance. The 23″ haft is American Hickory.

You can learn more about the CLOUDBURST at Condor Tool & Knife.



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