Tahoma Field Knife Leather Sheath

InnerBark Outdoors head honcho, Andy Tran, is the designer of the TOPS Knives Tahoma Field Knife – a large survival/field knife that has been vetted in a variety of environments from the Pacific Northwest to the jungles of South America.

tahoma field knife leather

InnerBark has not only designed the knife but also a previously mentioned kydex sheath and a new leather sheath that is the subject of this post. This handmade leather sheath shows solid craftsmanship and is surprisingly affordable for sheaths of this type. The sheath is made in Texas by Big Bend Saddlery. It features thick leather construction with double stitching throughout. It can be ordered with or without a utility pouch on the front.

Check out the new Tahoma Field Knife Leather Sheath at InnerBark Outdoors.

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