PHLster and Snake Hound Machine Join Forces

PHLster and Snake Hound Machine have entered into an unholy alliance, hellbent on world domination… or at least putting a great holster on your belt.

You know PHLster for their industry leading kydex work. You know Snake Hound Machine for their work on AKs and their growing online retail presence. PHLster has streamlined their production to the point that they can keep the stock of their best selling holsters at levels that will support retail sales and Snake Hound Machine will be handling the retail distribution of those holsters.

PHLster and SHM Black Friday 2015

This is one of cool stories “in the industry” where two companies come together in a mutually beneficial way that works out well for everyone… including you. PHLster gets to concentrate on production and creating new products. Snake Hound Machine gets a great product line for their growing retail store. You get quick-ship holsters with no lead time.

You can find a selection of PHLster’s most popular holsters, magazine carriers, and the excellent TDI Fightworthy Sheath on the Snake Hound Machine website.


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