KDG Releases SIDELOK – Aimpoint Micro Mount

Kinetic Development Group (KDG) has releases their SIDELOCK – Aimpoint Micro Mount. It is available from their website and authorized dealers.


From KDG:

KDG expands their lineup of SIDELOK optic mounts with a new model for the popular Aimpoint micro red dot optics. Designed to fit Aimpoint T1, T2, H1 and H2 models, the mount will also fit other popular miniature red dots that share the same footprint. The Sidelok micro mount allows the user to achieve a lower 1/3 co-witness with flip up iron sights when mounted on the AR-15 or M4 carbine.  This lightweight, 2.7 ounce Aluminum mount uses KDG’s Sidelok (pat. Pending) cam lock system to attach to picatinny rails instantly. With no tools needed to attach the mount, the user simply rocks their setup onto the chosen mounting space, and down onto the rail. Once pressed down, the Micro Mount self locks, and the optic can be zeroed in the usual fashion. Removal is equally fast, and can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves. The front-located release button has a smaller, recessed secondary lock, which must be deliberately pressed in to facilitate removal; similar to the way a Glock trigger safety works. Do to its’ design, it is virtually impossible to accidentally engage the release, and the cam lock system ensures a secure grasp on various sized (and some out of spec) picatinny rails. This equates to a fast, easy means of removing and attaching optics while retaining an absolute return to zero. The smooth sides of the mount prevent snagging and “Busted Knuckle Syndrome”, while the unique skeletonized riser reduces the overall weight of the mount.

KDG plans to continue releasing more Sidelok models for other common optics, including one for the recently released Trijicon MRO. The new Aimpoint Micro Mount is currently available on their website and at their authorized dealers and distributors. MSRP for the mount is $139.00. For more information visit the links below.



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INSTAGRAM: @kineticdevgroup



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