Review: KE Arms DMR Trigger

The KE Arms DMR Trigger is one of the more affordable premium triggers on the market. Don’t confuse that with it being a “cheap” trigger. In my time with it, this trigger has done nothing but impress.

KE Arms DMR Trigger


The DMR Trigger is a cassette style trigger meaning all components are captured inside an aluminum cassette or chassis. This makes installation extremely easy and ensures consistency across all receivers – even those made from polymer.

All of the DMR’s trigger parts are wire EDM cut from A2 tool steel which is darn tough stuff. KE Arms states that it has a 4.5#, single stage trigger pull. The reset is adjustable via a set screw.

Observations from Use

My log book tells me that I have just over 600 rounds on this trigger but I know it is probably in the neighborhood of 800 due to a few range trips that didn’t make it into the log book. It also has countless dry fire cycles on it. That round count hardly qualifies as a long term endurance test so keep that in mind as you read on.

Installation is easy. You simply drop it into your lower receiver. Push the trigger and hammer pins into place and then tighten the 2 small set screws that keep tension on the trigger module. You can then adjust the reset to your liking. It is very straightforward thanks to the cassette design.

KE Arms DMR Trigger Interior

I found that the reset was actually shorter than I prefer out of the box on a light, crisp single stage trigger. If you don’t stay on top of a trigger like that, you can see some doubling – not because the trigger is malfunctioning but because of poor trigger management on the part of the shooter. I was glad to find that with just about a quarter of a turn on the reset adjustment screw, the reset became slightly longer and, surprisingly, more positive. It is still very short and very fast but small adjustments can make a big difference in how this trigger feels.

As I currently have it adjusted, the DMR Trigger breaks at a very clean 4.3 pounds (averaged over 10 pulls on my Wheeler trigger pull scale). It has almost zero perceptible creep. You have to concentrate hard to find what little creep there is. The trigger travel is very short and the reset is positive and easily perceptible. This trigger is fast.

The trigger bow is shaped more like a bolt action rifle than what you are probably used to on an AR-15. It is thinner, more rounded, and slightly less curved than a typical AR-15 trigger bow. I found that my finger very naturally found the lower part of the bow and, while it is different, it feels great. I suspect that, due to the rounded shape, that those of you who put a bit more finger on the trigger will really like this trigger bow.

I appreciate how low profile the cassette part of this trigger is. Some cassette style triggers have fairly large outer containers which strikes me as a bit of a waste of weight. The DMR Trigger has just enough material in its cassette to contain the pins.

KE Arm DMR Trigger Tension Set Screw

If you have a CAV 15 lower from Cav Arms or GWACS Armory, this is one of the few match triggers that will fit without modification to your lower but you will need the original extended Cav Arms pins with c-clamps which are a bit hard to find as of the time of this writing.

UPDATE: KE Arms has stated that the DMR Trigger will work in the CAV-15 lowers without the extended pins as long as you do not over torque the tension set screws.

I did find that the DMR Trigger was too tight to fit one of my aluminum lowers. It fit every other lower that I tried so I am inclined to believe that the lower was slightly out of spec.

I can already hear some of you saying that you wouldn’t consider an adjustable trigger for duty. That is fine. I am not sure I would either. I applied blue thread locking compound and this trigger hasn’t budged in the time that I have used it. This trigger has also seen quite a bit of time in the skilled hands of KE Arms sponsored 2-Gun and 3-Gun competitors where it has performed well. You’ll have to weigh out the pros and cons yourself before deciding if it is the trigger is right for your specific application.

Wrap Up

This trigger is light, crisp, and fast. The A2 tool steel components are confidence inspiring. The installation is easy. The price is very competitive. I would love to see a non-adjustable version.

Check out the KE Arms DMR Trigger.

Disclosure: This trigger was provided to me for review by KE Arms.

KE Arms DMR Installed

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