Mission Spec Custom EOC for Steel Armor

Mission Spec’s EOC is a very nice armor carrier… unless you happen to have steel plates. Steel plates typically just don’t fit well in compact plate carriers that are cut to accommodate SAPI cut plates. So what is the guy who has steel armor plates to do if he wants a great compact carrier like the EOC?

Mission Spec EOC Custom Steel

Not to worry! If you know Mission Spec, you know they are a small shop and if you know JTT, you know that we love dealing with small shops, especially for tactical gear, because they can usually help in these custom/one-off situations. Mission Spec whipped up this steel armor compatible version of their EOC for a customer. It has all the features the original EOC but with plate pockets cut to accommodate the larger steel plates.

We are very fortunate to have so many great off-the-shelf options in gear available to us with just a few key strokes. We are even more fortunate to have a thriving community of small shops that can fill in the niche products and our custom one-off gear needs.

Find a way to support a small tactical gear maker!

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