The Dappers are Back!

Blue Force Gear’s (BFG) Dapper line of excellent hook backed pouches are back! BFG has always had one of the most extensive and functional line of hook backed pouches available but they recently discontinued the entire product category so that they could redesign and upgrade them. I have had hands on all of the new Dappers and I am happy to say they are better than ever.


The biggest changes that you will see across most of the line is the use of One Wrap as the backing which is very functional since it allows you to overlap pouches slightly. The entire line is also available in BFG’s Wolf colorway which looks great and serves as a lighter background to make small items easier to find inside your bag.

There are still more Dappers to be released other than what is already listed on the website. Much of what is currently available are BFG’s Ten-Speed Dappers which makes use of heavy-duty elastic to form the pouches. These are some of the most versatile organization pouches available. They can hold the magazines that they are designed for or be used to hold things like markers, chemlights, first aid items, radios, GPS units, cell phones, food items, flashlights, and tons of other stuff.

You can check out all the new Dappers at Blue Force Gear’s website. Hopefully, the return of the Dappers means the return of BFG’s excellent backpacks is not too far off.

Pack-Dapper-Multi-Use-600x400 Dap-U-Vin2-In-Use-600x400


One Response to The Dappers are Back!

  1. Mike D October 20, 2015 at 18:53 #

    Hopefully we shall see the return of the DAP rifle cases as well! I kick myself n the butt for not picking up their DAP packs when they were plentiful. I try to pick one up every chance I get. Glad to see the Dappers are back!

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