Sneaky Bags Expands Spyder Line

Sneaky Bags has expanded their Spyder line to include two additional larger sizes. The Spyder bag was originally designed to conceal very compact SBRs but users wanted the same feature set for larger carbines so Sneaky Bags has introduced a new 31″ length and 36″ length to go with the original 27″ length bag.


All 3 sizes have the same features that made the original great. They are relatively low-profile in appearance, having more in common with a sports equipment bag than most gun cases. The clam shell opening allows easy access to the rifle or rifles contained inside and the magazine loadout that can be stored and organized in the divider between the two main compartments. The outside compartments can be used to carry a number of items up to and including handguns or even smaller SMGs if you have need for such things.

Check out the Spyder line at Sneaky Bags.


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