TOPS Knives Bushcraft Leather Sheath

“Dangler” sheaths aren’t for everyone but they work really well for me. They can make a knife more comfortable to wear with the waist belt of a backpack or keep your belt clear around your handgun so the knife doesn’t get in the way of your draw-stroke. They also keep the knife from digging into your side when you are doing actual work outside like splitting wood. There are a lot of companies making these and the prices vary greatly. I have found that the Bushcraft Leather Sheath from TOPS Knives is one of the best kept secrets among sheaths of this type.


TOPS Knives makes this sheath to work with their knives like the uber-popular BOB Field Knife, HOG 4.5, and Baja 4.5 to name a few. However, I have found that it will also work with knives like the ESEE 4, Bark River Fox River (and similar), Fallkniven F1, and many other knives of similar size and even slightly larger. If you have a knife in this very popular size range, you need to check out this sheath.

The sheath is constructed from thicker leather than many of the production sheaths I have seen from retailers. It has a fold-over design with a welt and it is double stitched. It also has a firesteel loop and a robust D-ring/belt loop set up. The quality is excellent.

The best part is that it costs $45 which puts it on par with other similar sheaths that are not as robustly constructed as this one. It also includes a firesteel/magnesium rod combo tool and a pretty good whistle which pushes it way over the top in terms of value.

The TOPS Knives Bushcraft Leather Sheath is available in black and brown. Check it out at TOPS Knives.


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