Review: Henry Holsters AIWB Holster

Clean. That is the word that comes to mind when you handle and use a holster from Henry Holsters. Their level of detail is plain to see but you can’t really appreciate it until you use one of these holsters and, beyond that, until you understand what goes into one of them. The details will blow you away.

Henry Holsters AIWB Front Henry Holsters AIWB Back


The Henry Holster AIWB Holster represents a simple, straight-forward approach to holster making. It is a simple fold-over design with a straight drop and two coated nylon soft loops that are used to attach it to your belt. One of the loops is set at an angle (more on this later). The earlier version that I am using has only two mounting locations for the loops but newer versions have four to allow for ride height and angle adjustments.

The back of the holster (the side toward the wearer) has a molded in “kick” or ramp-like structure that is very subtle in design. It not only sticks out from the holster body but it is also angled slightly to draw the butt of the gun toward the user and turn it in.

The holster is extremely compact. Pretty much all extraneous kydex has been trimmed away. There is no tension adjustment because the tension is already correct. It is my opinion that tension adjustments on holsters are mostly useless. They serve to add bulk and the only time I adjust them is when they have loosened.

Henry Holsters AIWB Top Henry Holsters AIWB Belt Loop Detail Henry Holsters AIWB Ramp Detail

Observations from Use

Let’s start by diving into some of the attention to detail that I mentioned in the opening paragraph. I think it will probably blow you away to the same extent that it blew me away. Andrew Henry, the owner of Henry Holsters, machines all of his own molding drones. He doesn’t have to block his molds for lights or extended constrols because that blocking is built into the drone. The ramp feature is built into the drone. The raised areas that will later be drilled for the belt loops are built into the mold. The level of precision and forethought is impressive. He is just as much a machinist as he is a kydex bender.

If that isn’t an impressive enough testament to Henry Holsters’ attention to detail, try this on for size. Remember the angled belt loop and the angled ramp? Well, the molding drone is machined so that these angles match precisely. That means that the belt loop and the kick on the back of the holster are both working to turn the butt of the gun into the user. This detail, perhaps more than any other, shows the workmanship and elegant design in this seemingly simple holster. You may never notice it but it is still there working.

I have carried this holster a lot for the last several months. I have worn it AIWB and at more of a 3 o’clock position (it works well even when not worn in the appendix carry position). I have helped build a playset while wearing it. I have split wood and worked in a garden. I’ve driven lawn tractors and cars. I have sat at a computer for hours. It worked through all of that. It is good-to-go for every day life.

Henry Holsters AIWB Edge Detail

My initial concern was that the kick on the back of the holster was going to focus the weight of the gun onto a small part of my skin and cause a “hot spot”. In reality, the opposite is true. The kick actually serves to increase the contact area between the holster and wearer in addition to gently guiding the gun into a more concealable orientation. It is subtly shaped and rounded so that this is in fact the most comfortable all kydex IWB holster I have tried. Those of you who feel the muzzle end of the kind digging into your skin with normal AIWB and IWB holsters will feel it less with this holster.

I ordered this holster with a full sweat guard which I like for Glocks. It helps keep my garments out of the holster. It can be ordered without a sweat guard and Henry Holsters specifically states that you can modify the sweat guard without voiding their warranty. The sweat guard included on this holster is minimal and well executed. It easily allows me a full grip right from the holster.

The fit and finish on this holster is befitting the level of detail that goes into its design. The edges are impeccably rounded and polished. The rivets are set correctly. The mold lines are crisp, straight, and well executed. The fit is great with a strong, positive click in, no rattle, and no dragging on the way out.

Henry Holsters AIWB Rivet Detail

Wrap Up

There are no accidents in this holster. Everything has been scrutinized and executed with machined precision from the blocking to the matching angles of the belt loop and kick. The precision and attention to detail exhibited here are second to none. Of course, none of that is important if it doesn’t work but, fortunately for us, it does. It is comfortable, easy to carry, and the features do exactly what they were designed to do.

Superlative Alert – This is the finest kydex work I have ever laid hands on.

Check out the AIWB Holster from Henry Holsters.

Disclosure: This holster was provided to me by Henry Holsters for review.

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