Thordsen Customs Featureless 3 Gun Rifles

Thordsen Customs is making two purpose-built 3 gun competition rifles to show off their soon to be released billet lower receiver and FRS-15 – a featureless rifle stock that can help AR-15 owners work within the assault weapons bans that some of the less free jurisdictions still have in place. While the purpose of these rifles may just be to serve as a showcase for Thordsen Customs products, I absolutely love how this shines a massive spotlight on how ludicrous it is to ban what amounts to cosmetic features.

Thordsen Customs 3G 2

Think about this for a moment… The anti-Constitution authors of these bans are trying to somehow handicap the use of rifles like AR-15s. Yet, these rifles which meet their regulations are built from the ground up for competition that by its very nature places a premium of delivering fast and accurate hits. It shows just how ineffectual assault weapon ban legislation is.

It warms my heart to know that people in these ban states may still be able to get their hands on effective self defense tools thanks to companies like Thordsen Customs.

Thordsen Customs 3G 1

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