Limited Edition M5 from Aero Precision

Aero Precision has released the details of their first Limited Edition M5 components to benefit They are offering upper/lower receiver sets, upper/lower receiver and hand guard sets, and a complete limited edition rifle with all proceeds going to


The lower receiver in all these options features a very, very cool custom touch. One side of the lower shows’s well known head shot skull logo. The bullet hole is actually a milled hole and the opposite side of the receiver shows the rear of the skull with a matching bullet hole as if the bullet has passed through. The upper receiver also has the skull logo engraved on the tang (the flat part of the rail above the charging handle).

These are going to be produced in limited quantities so act fast. Find out more at Aero Precision.

ASO-stripped-lower-anodized-1 ASO-stripped-upper-annodized ASO-complete-rifle-15in_keymod-18in_SS-bbl ASO-stripped-upper-lower-combo-threaded-fde-1

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