ALG Defense Begins Shipping AK Triggers

ALG Defense has begun to ship preorders of their hotly anticipated AK triggers, the AKT. There is no firm delivery date for the AKT-E but preorders are still open for both triggers.

ALG AK Trigger

From ALG Defense:

The wait is finally over; ALG Defense has begun shipping preorders for our AK47/AK74 trigger, The ALG Defense AKT. The AKT features ALG Defense’s Lightning Bow which maximizes comfort and ensures a precise shot that your stock trigger could never provide. The AKT is machined from triple alloy steel, coated in a Manganese Phosphate finish to eliminate the threat of corrosion, and comes at a price that can’t be beat. ALG Defense is proud to bring the AKT from our home in North Wales, PA to yours. Currently, we are still taking preorders of the AKT and AKT-E.



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