Flip Up Sights – New Back Up Iron Sights from LMT Defense

LMT Defense has introduced a interesting set of front and rear back up iron sights that they are calling Flip Up Sights. That isn’t a creative name but it is descriptive.


The LMT Flip Sights have a detent to lock them into the deployed position and are designed to collapse at a specified break away pressure. The positive detent prvides the best of both worlds – a sight that will lock into the deployed position repeatably and still absorb impact by collapsing.

Separate 5.56 and .308 versions of the sights are available with BDC calibration in yards. The .308 version is calibrated out to 800 yards and the 5.56 version out to 700 yards.

The Flip Up front sight uses a standard front sight post which allows the user to replace it with any number of aftermarket options.

The LMT Defense website is currently light on information. You can click here to view a PDF data sheet regarding these sights.

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One Response to Flip Up Sights – New Back Up Iron Sights from LMT Defense

  1. Chris Bowers May 29, 2015 at 19:52 #

    When are manufacturers going to realize that BDC’s on backup iron sights are stupid?

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