ITS Modular Morale System

There are a lot of patch mat options now and most of them fit in the same mold. ITS Tactical’s new Modular Morale System is very unique among them for a number of reasons.


The panels consist of UBL soft loop fabric wrapped over 3/16″ foam on a HDPE backer. This allows it to accept both hook backed patches and push pins for mounting patches without hook backing. Each 12″ by 18″ panel has the soft UBL material wrapped all the way around to a border on the back which allows the panels to be mounted with the included adhesive Velcro strips (you can stable the Velcro strips to the wall for a less permanent installation).

These panels hold their shape better than most panels thanks to their HDPE backers. This allows them to be mounted together neatly and seamlessly to create large panel installations.

Check out the Modular Morale System at the ITS Shop.

ITS_Modular_Morale_System_06-700x467 ITS_Modular_Morale_System_03-700x467

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