Samson Range Box

I like plastic on a practical level but sometimes it is hard to beat things that are made from honest to goodness wood and steel. The new, limited edition Samson Range Box is constructed with pine and stainless steel right here in the USA. It is a throwback to a time before you can buy a plastic tackle box repackaged as a range box at your local big box.


The box features a large main compartment with a pull out organization tray that keeps your gear organized and lets you carry smaller items without having to carry the entire box. It also has rifle support ears that stow in the lid when they aren’t needed and can be used to turn the box into a portable workbench.

The Samson Range Box is available in Samson Gray and Bourbon Barrel Brown. Check it out at Samson.

One Response to Samson Range Box

  1. Joe S March 25, 2015 at 08:18 #

    Bad ass!

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