AR Pistolero Patch from Edge/Equipped

AR-15 pistols have taken a bit of beating lately but no one I know who has one is in a hurry to get rid of them. They are still handy, can still be carried in some situations that an SBR can’t, and still offer rifle caliber performance in a compact package.


If you like and appreciate the AR pistol as much as we do, you might just be an AR Pistolero… and AR Pistoleros have to stick together! The Edge/Equipped AR Pistolero Patch was conceived to show solidarity and pride among AR pistol owners aka AR Pistoleros.

This PVC patch was designed by DSTEIN DZIGNS and produced by COMBAT-Swag so the quality is top-notch. Check out the AR Pistolero Patch at Edge/Equipped. Shipping is free and readers of Jerking the Trigger can save 5% by using the code “JTT” at checkout.


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