Shaddox Tactical Velcro One-Wrap Adaptable PALs Panel

Shaddox Tactical’s new Velcro One-Wrap Adaptable PALs Panel looks to be an extremely versatile piece of kit. I should note that the the name is a bit unwieldy but Shaddox Tactical is working on coming up with a better one.

shaddox panel 1 shaddox panel 2

This panel is designed to be used in a number of different ways limited only by the user’s imagination. It lacks any kind of fixed hardware so it can be configured in whatever way the user needs – as a small chest rig, a subload/drop-leg platform, a pack organizer, or bolted onto the front of a compatible plate carrier. It’s hypalon backing keeps it light but durable while the Velcro One-Wrap PALS webbing ensures it accepts both MOLLE and Velcro backed pouches.

The Velcro One-Wrap Adaptable PALs Panel will be available soon at Shaddox Tactical.

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