Review: Flimmuur Tactical Ultimate Dump Pouch

I was recently asked by Flimmuur Tactical to take a look at a dump pouch called the Ultimate Dump Pouch. I use dump pouches a lot. When I am on the range, I am usually working. That means I need to have things like pens, a pad of paper, tools, and other items close at hand. If I don’t have a specific pouch for it, it goes into the dump pouch. Of course, I also use them for their intended use of magazine retention. Flimmuur Tactical sent me a loaner to check out and after about 2 months of use, I have been able to form some opinions.

Flimmuur UDP on Belt Flimmuur UDP Over Stuffed


The Ultimate Dump Pouch’s front and back panels are made from LiteLok material and the sides are constructed from a single piece of heavy duty mesh. The opening of the pouch is adjustable with a shock cord and reinforced with webbing that is folded over and triple stitched to stiffen it like you might find in a gun belt.

The backing consists of a stiffened panel that mounts to a 2 x 2 MOLLE field or can be threaded onto a belt by passing the belt through a channel that runs behind the HDPE reinforced panel. Even the edges of the HDPE panel are bound. It also features a short adjustable strap with side release buckle that is anchored to the panel and used to secure the dump pouch when folded.

Flimmuur UDP Back

I have found that the Ultimate Dump Pouch will easily accept 4-5 AR-15 magazines without having to pay attention to how you drop them in. You can wedge 8 or more in if you are careful. That expanded magazine load is possible because the front panel is bellowed and that is they key to what I liked most about the Ultimate Dump Pouch. There will be more about this later.

Observations from Use

I’ll start with what I thought could be better. The opening is adjustable with a cord lock and shock cord but there isn’t enough slack in the channel that the cord rides in to allow much adjustment. The result is that you can’t really cinch the opening closed very far. This is good for making it easier to insert items, which was Flimmuur Tactical’s goal, but can allow items to pop out of the pouch in some situations (like when it is belt mounted on your back and you dive into a prone shooting position). It should be noted that this is common among many dump pouch designs. Dump pouch designers have to balance retention with speed. Flimmuur Tactical went with speed. That said, if the collar had more material, the user could decide whether they wanted to run it wide open or cinched which would be my preference.

Flimmuur UDP Opening

The Ultimate Dump Pouch is very well made. The materials are light but durable. The stitching is straight and even. All edges are bound. The bellowed panel is very cleanly executed. This is a quality pouch.

The mesh elements of this pouch work well. I often use my dump pouch to pick up brass after a range session. The mesh allows me to shake the pouch a few times to clear out dirt and small debris.

I like the flat cube shape of the pouch. It encourages the magazines to stay vertical when they are inserted which makes it easy to drop in other magazines. The shape is actually pretty ingenious and works well with the size to ensure that the magazines stay upright.

Flimmuur Tactical really nailed the opening construction of this pouch. The folded webbing edge with latitudinal stitching is genius. It is just like a webbing gun belt. It is stiff enough to hold its shape but still very flexible. This set up is ideal. It stays open on its own and if it gets crushed, it springs back open enough to be usable.

Finally, the best thing about the Ultimate Dump Pouch is how the size and the bellowed front panel work together which seems like a strange thing to say but it just works. The size is perfect for accepting 4-5 magazines without paying attention to how you place them. You can basically just drop them in. If you need to carry more, you can push 8-9 magazines in it thanks to the bellowed front panel. The beauty is that it is extremely compact, sized to carry a decent mag load that would be appropriate for a typical carbine course or similar, and still forgiving for oversize loads.

Flimmuur UDP Compact

Wrap Up

The Ultimate Dump Pouch is a solid dump pouch design. I wish the collar was more adjustable but the opening is well designed, the shape and size are great, and the bellowed front panel works perfectly.

Get in touch with Flimmuur Tactical via Facebook to get your hands on an Ultimate Dump Pouch.

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