TangoDown BG-18 Reduced Angle Grip

TangoDown has announced the imminent release of their BG-18 Reduced Angle Grip. It has many of the great features of their well known BG-16 and BG-17 grips including excellent texture and rounded, hand filling shape but with a more vertical grip angle. It also fills in a bit behind the receiver to promote better trigger finger placement.

tangodown bg-18

If you have read JTT for long, you know that I prefer AR-15 grips that are more vertical in angle. This type of grip is more comfortable when the weapon side arm is tucked in close to the body and when you are just keeping your weapon side hand on the grip while the rifle is hanging from a sling in front of you.

The BG-18 will retail for less than $20! Given TangoDown’s track record with their previous grips and that price, I suspect this grip will be a winner. It is not available yet but you can check out TangoDown’s other grips in the mean time.

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