Silencerco NFA EasyTrust

I am automatically skeptical of most of the NFA trusts that are sold online. A trust is a legal document/entity that, while not rocket surgery to build, is going to be the legal means of holding some of your most highly regulated and expensive possessions. I want to know its going to be right. Thankfully, Silencerco has stepping into the fray with their NFA EasyTrust offering.

silencerco easytrust

The EasyTrust is a properly prepared gun trust offered by Silencerco, a company who knows a thing our two about NFA items. “It enables the use of NFA-regulated firearms and accessories among trustees, protects against potential future regulatory restrictions, and provides for the orderly transition of ownership upon death. It also tends to speed up the process for obtaining NFA items, eliminating the need for a Chief Law Enforcement Officer’s signature, fingerprints cards, etc. ”

The EasyTrust is 50-state legal and costs $129.99 which is more than some DIY trust options but less expensive than going to a lawyer who knows something about firearm specific trusts. It is quite affordable and very easy.

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