Gearward FireBox

The new FireBox from Gearward is a fire starting kit that is compact enough to EDC, water-resistant, usable for multiple fires even after the tinder is exhausted, and ready to use right out of the box. It contains three components, all of which I have used myself in my own kits. The provided ferro rod and ceramic striker provide hot sparks in all conditions and can be used to ignite many different tinders – not just the provided tinder. The kit also comes with 20 pieces of jute twine tinder that is impregnated with a substance that makes it water-resistant and allows it to burn longer.

This type of tinder is extremely easy to ignite with sparks. You simply process it into fine fibers (this can be done with a knife, a rock, or even by hand). The fibers can then be lightly bunched to create a nest that will catch a spark readily. It is extremely easy to use and will work in damp conditions, cold, and even at altitudes that give butane lighters fits.

Check out the FireBox at Edge/Equipped.


One Response to Gearward FireBox

  1. Josh February 10, 2015 at 10:19 #

    It would be cool to add a Fresnel lens to the lid.

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