New Gear in Development at UW Gear

UW Gear has been hard at work developing several new items and improvements. They gave me a sneak peek at some of their working prototypes so I could share them with you.

MmkI1-1 MmkI3

The above chest rig shows off two potential new items come to the UW Gear line: split front rigs that are joined with zippers instead of buckles and a new double magazine pouch design. The zipper is purely an R&D feature at this time. The double magazine pouch is the real star here. It features UW Gear’s well known and excellent tuck tab closure along with a fully enclosed channel for adjustable and user repairable shock cord tensioners. These tensioners are in place to ensure a relatively tight fit whether the pouch is holding one or two magazines.


The next chest rig (above) features the same zipper closure but also gives a good look at a new item and a potential change coming to UW Gear’s chest rigs. The new item is the unnamed bleeder/utility pouch that you see on both sides of the rig. It features UW Gear’s tuck tab closure and is designed to be compact enough to fit just 2 columns of PALS webbing yet large enough to carry medical or general purpose essentials. You’ll also notice that UW Gear is experimenting with 1″ hardware where the shoulder straps come out of the top of the chest panels. This could streamline production with no real change in performance since the harness still tapers to its standard width.


Last but not least… We finally have our first glimpse at UW Gear’s pistol magazine pouches. These feature the tuck tab closure and are fully MOLLE compatible. The flaps are adjustable at the back to account for magazines of differing length.

2 Responses to New Gear in Development at UW Gear

  1. TennTexan February 3, 2015 at 15:28 #

    Exciting news from the guys at UW Gear! I have two of their Minuteman chest rigs, one each for AR and AK, and couldn’t be happier with the usefulness of the design and the quality of the construction.

  2. hwi February 3, 2015 at 17:43 #

    Been waiting for the double mag pouch for a while. Looking forward to their new stuff.

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