Smith & Bradley Atlantis Custom Experience

Smith & Bradley’s Atlantis watch is now available in several versions. The Atlantis Custom is available with multiple dial colors and either a Swiss Quartz or Swiss Automatic movement. The newer Atlantis Rogue sports a great looking black PVD finish with still more dial color options. That is a lot of options and combinations for a single watch but Smith & Bradley is taking the options a step beyond that. They are now offering full custom Atlantis watches with an amazing variety of options.

smith bradley_custom_atlantis

When you purchase a custom Atlantis, you can choose among several options for the following:

  • Case finish – You can go with the classic stainless, black PVD, or maybe try a custom Cerakote option.
  • Hand set – There are multiple hand sets to choose from.
  • Dial color – Orange. Go with orange.
  • Strap/Bracelet
  • Box
  • Engraving

Smith & Bradley calls it the Custom “Experience” for a reason. There are multiple meetings with Smith  & Bradley themselves included in the price to make sure the watch turns out exactly like you imagined it. You can even go pick it up when its done and enjoy some BBQ with them.

The whole process sounds like a lot of fun and, at the end, you end up with a custom watch.

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