Battle Arms Development BAD-EMR

Earlier today, I mentioned the new Forward Controls Design EMR and EMR-C. Those were developed in partnership with Battle Arms Development who has also released their own Enhanced Magazine Release – the BAD-EMR.

bad emr

The BAD-EMR features a shallow “V” shape (compared to the curved shape of the Forward Controls Design parts) that encourages centered finger placement and deep striations that help keep the finger from slipping up or down while not preventing the finger from sliding back to the trigger. The back of the BAD-EMR is skeletonized so that it weighs the same as a standard magazine release button in spite of its increased height. It has no through hole for a clean, finished look.

Battle Arms Development is offering the BAD-EMR in a number of colors including black, OD green, red, silver, yellow-lime, and bronze which is a good match for FDE receivers. Check out the new BAD-EMR at Battle Arms Development.

bad emr back

One Response to Battle Arms Development BAD-EMR

  1. Mike D December 15, 2014 at 16:20 #

    After I just finally got around to getting a set of their takedown pins. Now I have to place another order… Darn!

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