Low-Pro Products M1A / M14 Top Extended Rail 15″

The latest iteration of the Low-Pro Product’s extended top rail for the M1A/M14 is now available. The M1A / M14 Top Extended Rail 15″ are designed to be a direct replacement for the short 4″ forward rail that is found on the M1A Scout Rifles or you can modify your top handguard to allow it to mount on a standard M1A with standard barrel profile (not for use with a heavy barrel).


The rail provides a full 15″ of mounting space. It rums from the barrel clamp all the way back to the stripper clip guide where it securely mounts. This provides plenty of space to mount the optic of your choice regardless of eye relief.

The rail is milled down the center so that the iron sights are still usable. It is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and hard anodized. Check out the M1A / M14 Top Extended Rail 15″ at Low-Pro Products



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