Purdy Gear Pocket Speedloader

Revolver guys will appreciate the Pocket Speedloaders from Purdy Gear. I have been known to carry a small frame revolver from time to time as the situation dictates. When I do carry a revolver, I usually end up carrying speed strips (maybe they should be called slow strips because reloads with them are anything but fast) instead of proper speedloaders simply because speedloaders are kind of a pain to carry.

Pocket Speedloader1000

The Pocket Speedloader from Purdy Gear takes some of the pain out of carrying an HKS or Safariland speedloader. It is designed to fit in your pocket and hold the loader in the correct orientation so that it can be retrieved easily. It is made of rough side out leather and shaped so that it won’t shift and it stays in your pocket when you withdraw the loader.

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  1. Standy November 25, 2014 at 07:05 #

    For pocket revolvers, a GI stripper clip with the brass insert removed will hold 8 rds of 38/357

    Higher capacity, cheaper, and more durable than a speed strip.

    Reloading takes a bit of practice, but you can put two rds in the cylinder and slide them off the clip. Fits flat in the pocket, though…


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