Tavor Curved Buttpad from Manticore Arms

The new Tavor Curved Buttpad from Manticore Arms reduces the Tavor’s length of pull by about 1″ which is just what the doctor ordered for smaller stature shooters. The curved shape allows the shooter to roll the gun up from low ready more effectively and will likely fit most shooters better.

MA-9700 balck rear web 5

The buttpad is manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum where it interfaces with the Tavor and a chemically resistant polymer with just a bit of “give” to it where it interfaces with you. Most importantly, the curved shape moves the bulk of the buttpad out of the way allowing the shorter length of pull but maintaining the 26″+ length required to avoid running afoul the BATFE.

Check out the Tavor Curved Buttpad at Manticore Arms.


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