Return of the Beretta 92G

If you are a fan of the Beretta 92, this will make your day. Rumors have been flying for months and I am glad to be able say… The Beretta 92G is back!


Image from Lipsey’s

The 92G was arguably the finest variant of the venerable Beretta 92. It featured the heavier Brigadier slide but, most importantly, it’s slide mounted lever was a decoker only – not a safety. This helped to mitigate one of the most common issues with the 92 series which is that the shooter would inadvertently activate the safety while manipulating the slide. This simple but important change makes the 92G so sought after that there is a small but steady cottage industry set up around converting the 92FS to 92G configuration.

The 92G has already shown up at one retailer – Bud’s Gun Shop. It is listed at Lipsey’s and it is also starting to pop up on Gunbroker. I believe these are a limited release so, if you want one, act fast.

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