Gunstruction Adds Sig SB15 and Other New Parts

gunstruction sb15

Gunstruction just dropped a huge haul of new parts into their application. I know several of you who are planning AR pistol builds will be glad to see that the SB15 AR Pistol Brace is among the new parts.

Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit – Pistol BundlePistonSystem
Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit – Rifle BundlePistonSystem
Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit – Carbine BundlePistonSystem
Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit – Mid Length BundlePistonSystem
American Spirit Arms 20in Rifle Gas Gov Profile Barrel Barrel
Bushmaster Threaded Izzy MuzzleDevice
Bushmaster Threaded Izzy MuzzleDevice
Bushmaster 32rd 9mm Polymer Magazine
Bushmaster 40rd Aluminum Magazine
Bushmaster Anti-Walk Pins TriggerPins
Bushmaster Ambi Magazine Catch MagazineCatch
Bushmaster AR15_223_PinSet_Bushmaster_Carbon-15 PinSet
Bushmaster Low Profile GasBlock
Bushmaster Carbon-15 UpperReceiver
Bushmaster Forged Lower LowerReceiver
Bushmaster Carbon-15 LowerReceiver
Bushmaster Stubby Stock Stock
Bushmaster A2 Carbine HandGuard
Bushmaster 12in DCM FreeFloater HandGuard
Bushmaster DCM FreeFloater Barrel Nut BarrelNut
Bushmaster MOE Mid Length FullGun
Bushmaster MOE Dissipator FullGun
Bushmaster M4-A2 Patrolmans Carbine FullGun
Bushmaster Carbon 15 Flat Top Carbine FullGun
Bushmaster Optics Ready Carbine FullGun
DPMS Detachable Rear Sight IronSightRear
DPMS Stripped Lower with Bullet Button Fixed Mag LowerReceiver
DPMS DPMS Phantom MuzzleDevice
DPMS Hunter GasBlock
DPMS Koelbl Single Rail GasBlock
DPMS Forged Lower LowerReceiver
DPMS Pardus SlidingStock
DPMS 12.7in FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 9.2in M111 HandGuard
DPMS 7.2 M111 HandGuard
DPMS 7.2in 4 Rail FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 4.1in 4 Rail Free Float HandGuard
DPMS 9.3in 4 Rail FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 12.5in 4 Rail Free Float HandGuard
DPMS 7.2in FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 4.2in FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 12.7in FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 7.2 Vented FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 12.7 Vented Freefloat HandGuard
DPMS 7.2in CF FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS 12.7in CF FreeFloat HandGuard
DPMS M111 Barrel Nut BarrelNut
DPMS 4 Rail Barrel Nut BarrelNut
DPMS FreeFloat Barrel Nut BarrelNut
DPMS CF Freefloat Barrel Nut BarrelNut
DPMS M111 4in Modular
DPMS M111 2in Modular
DPMS MOE Warrior FullGun
DPMS Oracle FullGun
DPMS Tactical Precision Rifle FullGun
Geissele Low Profile Gas Block GasBlock
LaRue Tactical 1in Tactical Inline Flashlight Mount LT707 MountLight
Manticore Arms DuckBill MuzzleDevice
Parallax Tactical PXTreme TiN Processed Bolt Carrier BoltCarrier
Seekins Precision AR ATC MuzzleDevice
Sharps RPC1 Ranger Proof Billet Lower LowerReceiver
Shepherd Firearms Tactical AR15 UpperReceiver
Shepherd Firearms Tactical AR15 LowerReceiver
Sig Sauer SBX Pistol Brace
Sig Sauer SB15 Pistol Brace
Standard 16in, Carbine Gas, Straight Profile Barrel
Strike Industries PTG Enhanced PRO Grip
Strike Industries Patriot Series Grip
Tapco SAW Style Grip
Troy Industries Fixed Rear Sight IronSightRear
US Optics SR-4C1-4×22 Scope
VooDoo Innovations JetComp MuzzleDevice
VooDoo Innovations JetComp MuzzleDevice

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