RE Factor Tactical Adjustable Tactical Dog Leash

Don’t be confused by the name. The new Adjustable Tactical Dog Leash isn’t just for tactical dogs. It’s chocked full of handy features that are just as useful for the regular guy as the go fast types.

  • It has a clever g-hook and loop length adjustment method which the handler can use to adjust the amount of freedom to roam the dog has. You can use it for the same reason.
  • The adjustable length system also allows the leash to be placed around your waist. Go fast types can use this as a running leash. You might use it to make your dog pull your out-of-shape behind up a hill.
  • It has a leather lined handle located part of the way down the leash. Go fast types can use this to take control of the dog and prevent it from biting off some creep’s head. You might use it prevent your dog from mounting the neighbor.

There you have it. You don’t have to have a tactical dog to have an Adjustable Tactical Dog Leash. Check it out at RE Factor Tactical.

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One Response to RE Factor Tactical Adjustable Tactical Dog Leash

  1. Weston Pecos September 11, 2014 at 07:04 #

    There is a major flaw in the design: The plastic attachment clip that is down where the leash connects to the dog. Not sure why that is there, but those plastic snap-together (press the sides to unlock) plastic clips BREAK under tension. If your dog is as big and active as mine, you run the risk of the dog pulling and the clip breaking apart. Then you have either lost your dog, or at least have lost control of your dog. If your dog is well-behaved or inactive enough that you do not feel you need to worry about that clip coming apart, then you probably don’t even need the other features of this leash and can probably just use any old leash. But if you need the adjusting lengths and the hand-hold that is close to the dog, this leash is likely to break when you need it most. This is not a rifle sling, it is a dog leash. Get rid of the plastic snap-together clips!

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