Pray Hard, Shoot Straight Branded Elzetta Flashlights

Dustin Ellerman has brought back his line of “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” branded Elzetta flashlights to benefit Camp His Way. There are three configurations available – each chosen specifically by Dustin:

pray hard shoot straight elzetta ellerman


The Alpha A112 is a single cell (CR123 type battery) light that put out 315 lumens, comes with a standard bezel engraved with “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” on the top, click tail cap, and speed clip making it perfect for EDC.

The Bravo model B313 is a duel cell (CR123 type battery) light with 235 lumens, crenellated bezel and high/low click tail cap.It has a 2.5 hr runtime on high and 75 hour runtime on low.  It comes with a lanyard ring for attaching your own cord.  “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” is engraved on the side area.

The Charlie model C333 is Dustin’s choice for mounting on tactical rifles.  It has an impressive 900 lumen Auto Voltage Sensing high output head with crenelated bezel and high/low tail cap.  It will run on full power for 1 hour and 45 minutes on three CR123 type batteries.  “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” is engraved on the side of the body.

Check out the Pray Hard, Shoot Straight lights at


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