SoCo Kydex LTx Series Holsters

The thickest part of most revolvers is the cylinder and how a holster handles that extra width will play a large role in determining how comfortable and concealable the holster is.

SoCo Kydex’s LTx series holsters take some of the bulk out of carrying a revolver concealed. They trim away as much of the holster as possible so that there is no additional thickness around the cylinder and front sight area. The trigger guard and muzzle are still fully enclosed. It looks like a clever design with plenty of potential.

Check out the LTx series holsters at SoCo Kydex’s new website.

IMG_9724 IMG_9723

2 Responses to SoCo Kydex LTx Series Holsters

  1. austin August 16, 2014 at 15:39 #

    I think this is the same holster that Ebbs from HausofGuns uses. He’s done a positive review on it 🙂

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