The SHIELD Pouch from Phokus Research Group

I am a fan of Phokus Research Group’s Sons Trauma Kit. In the time since I reviewed it, they have created several other configurations including the SHIELD which is a compact, low-profile kit that can be readily concealed. It is even easier to carry and conceal with the introduction of the SHIELD Pouch.

The SHIELD Pouch is a concealable, belt-mounted carrier for the SHIELD Trauma Kit that is manufactured by First Spear for Phokus Research Group. Most of the pouch is made from a performance stretch material that serves to keep the pouch very slick and compact while retaining the contents. The SHIELD Trauma Kit rides in a pull out tray that can be accessed via pull tabs from either side of the pouch.

Check out Phokus Research Group.

PHOKUS Research Group SHIELD Pouch 1 PHOKUS Research Group SHIELD Pouch 2 PHOKUS Research Group SHIELD Pouch 3

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