EGL Modular Expansion Panel

egl_mxpExtreme Gear Labs (EGL) has released their latest expansion option, the Modular Expansion Panel (MXP), for their VOCR series of chest rigs along with the HSP D3CR and similar chest rigs. The MXP is a quick detachable MOLLE panel that attaches via 3 side release buckles to the hook Velcro panel on the back of the chest rig.

The panel features 5 columns and 2 rows of vertically oriented PALS webbing on one side and 2 columns and 5 rows of horizontally oriented PALS webbing on the other. This allows the user to mount a variety of pouches in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

EGL continues to expand the usefulness and functionality of their chest rigs. Check out their Facebook page for more details.


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