Geissele Automatics Enhanced Triggers – Brownells Exclusive

This is the type of news that I like to see heading into a weekend! Brownells now has 2 exclusive Geissele Automatics AR-15 triggers at a great price – the Geissele 2 Stage Enhanced (B-G2S-E) and the Geissele Rapid Fire (B-GRF).


The B-G2S-E is basically an enhanced version of the G2S. It is to the G2S as the SSA-E is to the SSA. You can expect a pull weight of around 3.5 pounds total with about 2.5 pounds in the first stage and 1 pound on the second stage. It will also have the more refined, so-called candy cane break that the Geissele enhanced triggers are known for.


The B-GRF is basically the S3G version of the G2S. It features a smooth, rolling break that has proven to be VERY, VERY fast. In fact, many shooters find the S3G and SD3G to be faster than a certain faux-auto trigger that is fairly new to the market. It comes with 2 trigger springs so that you can tune it to a 3.5 pound or 4.5 pound pull weight.

A word on the G2S triggers for those who may not know: These are lower cost options that Geissele offers. The are able to remove cost via three methods. First, the hammer pin is retained differently than other triggers (it uses a small clip). Second, these are spot checked with MP testing rather than individually tested. Finally, they are not laser marked like other Geissele triggers. The sear engagement surfaces are still precisely cut via the wire EDM method and they still use the same tool steel for which Geissele is known.

If these new triggers are anything like the G2S, they will be bull strong, reliable, and a great value. Check out the new Geissele Automatics Enhanced Triggers exclusively at Brownells.

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