Echo Nine Three AK Flash Suppressors

Echo Nine Three just released two new flash suppressors for the AK-47 – the AK3P and AKML/C. Both threaded 14x1mm and are constructed from 4140 steel with a black oxide finish. Both are 2.5″ long and designed to give plenty of leeway for those who want to permanently attach them. Both also feature multiple detent cuts to ensure a tight fit.

The AK3P is a pronged flash suppressor with 3 tines. For those who prefer closed end muzzle devices, the AKML/C is a sloted flash suppressor. They are available now at Echo Nine Three.



One Response to Echo Nine Three AK Flash Suppressors

  1. AK Fan May 17, 2014 at 22:28 #

    Just got mine in the mail today and installed, here are my first impressions:

    -If you’re running an Ultimak rail and a light in a HSP Thorntail or VTAC mount, the AKML-C is a slimmer design compared to a MA Nightshroud MkII on a 14x1L to 24×1.5R adapter and interferes less with the light.

    -Very nice fit and finish, quality is par for the course for E93 and their other products I have or have used (Very well made and well thought out).

    -Looks like the older AKML flash hiders and adds a bit of the ‘classic AK’ look to your rifle.

    -This isn’t a con per se, but a heads-up: No matter how I ‘timed’ the flash hider, it was always just slightly off from being in the very last detent cutout (maybe 90% of the detent inside the cutout with the last bit catching on the base of the flash hider), requiring you to back it off to the previous cutiout and you can’t get an AR-esque tight fit on the threads if you had been able to get it into the last cutout. It seems like the base of the flash hider isn’t threaded or long enough to cover that last little bit or the threading on my barrel isn’t long enough. That being said, it is still very secure and not wobbly at all.

    Hats off to Joe and his team for another great product at a great price. Now just to take it to the range and try it out!

    UPDATE: I wanted to correct the point I had about it not fitting completely flush; after trying a few times, there was a bit of a burr on my muzzle the extended out and kept it from getting flush, but now it fits flush and doesn’t have the usual wobble that most AK muzzle devices have.

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