Chinook Medical TMK-IFAK

Chinook Medical just unveiled their new TMK-IFAK, a modular blow out kit pouch with seemingly endless features. The TMK-IFAK pouch consists of 2 main components, the insert and the pouch, that can be used separately as stand-alone items or used together as a functional unit.



The TMK-IFAK insert is not unlike similar inserts that are already on the market. It is a clam-shell folding platform with various elastic loops to be used to retain and organize your IFAK contents. Chinook Medical took care to design the elastic organization so that items could be removed without disrupting other items. It is designed to be used with the TMK-IFAK pouch or alone and inserted in most double M4 magazine pouches.

The TMK-IFAK pouch is a tall slender pouch that requires only 2 columns of PALS webbing to mount. The exterior of the pouch features PALS webbing on the sides and 3″ elastic tourniquet retainer on the bottom. The interior of the pouch features a wide webbing strap that functions as a lifter for pulling out the contents of the pouch and a leash for the insert.

Both the TMK-IFAK pouch and insert are available separately. They are also available to be purchased together with or without contents.

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