BCM Working on AR Pistol?

AR pistols are enjoying an unprecedented level of acceptance thanks in large part to a variety of quality components being available and a better, more realistic understanding of the role that they can potentially fill. The BATFE’s recent letter regarding shouldering the SB15 Stabilizer Brace doesn’t hurt either.

Perhaps the most telling indicator of how far the AR pistol has come can be found in a recent post on Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Lightfighter Ar pistol capture

The post (above) is written by Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical and it succinctly outlines his journey from AR pistol skeptic to believer and mentions that he will be testing an AR pistol from “Paul”. The Paul mentioned in the is Paul Buffoni, head honcho at BCM and all-around AR-15 guru.

Pat Rogers doesn’t buy into range toys and Paul Buffoni certainly doesn’t build them. Just because a BCM AR pistol is being tested doesn’t mean it will make it to market (remember the BCM dissapators?) but these are clear indicators that the AR pistol is gaining traction in serious circles. Who wouldn’t want a BCM built AR pistol!?!?



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