Kolbeson Leatherworks TDI LE Sheath


The Ka-Bar TDI is an excellent, low cost, defensive blade that benefits greatly from a quality sheath. The TDI LE Sheath from Kolbeson Leatherworks is the most recent TDI sheath option that I have come across. It is made from Kydex in the pancake style (2 pieces molded and riveted together) and has several eyelets for adjusting the ride height of the two included IWB soft loops. The soft loops are made from Brahma Webb Duroflex which is nylon webbing coated with PVC which is durable and has a leather-like appearance.

Check out the Kolbeson Leatherworks TDI LE Sheath.

One Response to Kolbeson Leatherworks TDI LE Sheath

  1. Taylor TX April 14, 2014 at 16:35 #

    Really enjoy these TDI posts man, I had no idea there were other holster options out there until recently and Ive had 2 of these for a while now.

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