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I admire companies who have never made a product that was good enough. Simple Threaded Devices wasn’t happy with the flash suppression performance of their 5.56 STD on shorter barrels with certain types of ammo so they set about creating an improved version.


The 5.56 STD is a very compact muzzle device that is designed to direct noise and concussion forward and away from the shooter. It is one of the devices that shined in Vuurwapen Blog’s muzzle device comparison.

Simple Threaded Devices states their new internal geometry will be advantageous versus their original 556 STD for barrels of less than 16″. The improved version has already completed testing and will be available in a matter of days. It certainly sounds like an interesting option for SBR and AR pistol owners.

Check out Simple Threaded Devices.

One Response to News from Simple Threaded Devices

  1. Josh April 3, 2014 at 19:10 #

    I have the original model on my 16″ AR, and it is a great muzzle device. The performance is very good, with a noticeable reduction in sound and flash over the standard A2. If I build a pistol or an SBR, I will buy this model as well.

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