Strike Industries Ambush Sling Loop

I first mentioned the prototype for what would become the Ambush Sling Loop back in October of last year. I thought it was very notable for its extremely low profile design. Since it was just a prototype picture, I hoped it would 1) go into production and 2) retain the same low profile design when if it finally did make it to production. I have good news on both counts.

SI Ambush Sling Loop

The Ambush Sling Loop is now available from Strike Industries. It is extremely low profile. It is low profile enough to fit easily under extended optic mounts like those from ADM and LaRue Tactical. It is so low profile in fact that no part of it sits higher than any part of the rail it mounts on! It is made from solid steel but is still relatively light weight thanks to it’s skelotonized design. This sing mount provides both a sling loop and a QD sling swivel socket.

Check out the Ambush Sling Loop at Strike Industries.

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