Ben’s Backwoods Bandanet Survival Bandana

There are a lot of “survival” bandanas on the market. Most of them are basically just a bandana with questionable survival information printed on them. The Bandanet Survival Bandana from Ben’s Backwoods actually has a few useful tricks up its sleeve.

bens backwoods bandanet

On one side, it looks like a normal good quality cotton bandana. When you turn it over you see a piece of bug netting sewn into the bandana. The net is attached in such a way that turning it inside out turns the Bandanet into a wearable bug net.

The Bandanet can still be used is all the same ways you might use a bandana like as a towel, a head covering, a pre-filter for water, etc. The net also makes it useful as a sack that can be useful for gathering tinder or edibles.

I always carry a bandana anyway so something like this, that serves multiple purposes, could easily find a home in my kit. Check out the Ben’s Backwoods Bandanet Survival Bandana.

bens backwoods bandanet worn over hat

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