Apex Tactical Specialties Developing Glock Safety Plunger

apex tactical specThe safety plunger is a key spot for those who are trying to improve their Glock’s trigger. Careful rounding and polishing of the plunger can make a big difference in how the trigger feels without a negative effect on reliability unlike some trigger mods like lightening the striker or springs which can negatively effect reliability. This is not a secret yet there haven’t been very many improved safety plungers on the market.

Thankfully, it looks like Apex Tactical Specialties is stepping in to fill that gap. They are currently beta testing an improved safety plunger that is polished and domed in shape (though not as domed as some competition safety plungers to ensure solid contact between it and the trigger bar). It is made from heat treated 440C steel which hardened to 52-56 Rc for durability (that is the same hardness as the OEM part). They state that the new Safety Plunger will retail for less than $20.

I have no word on availability yet. Check out Apex Tactical Specialties.




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