TacStrike Backyard Memories Targets

I always seem to have training goals to meet or products to test when I am on the range. It is easy for me to forget that shooting can be really, really fun. It is especially fun when you get your family or new shooters involved. TacStrike makes targets for people like you and me who have goals to accomplish on the range but, now, they also make targets for those who just want to have fun and make memories.

tacstrike shepherds hook

The Backyard Memories Targets line is designed to be fun, safe, durable, affordable, and right at home on backyard range. There will be an entire line of these targets eventually but the first offering is the Shepherd’s Hook Hanging Steel Targets which is designed to be hung from something that many families already have in their yard. The target slips onto a steel shepherd’s hook which is often used to hang bird feeders or flower pots.

This target is made from A36 steel and can handle .22LR and most handgun rounds at a distance of 10 yards or more. It is available in a number of sizes and multi-packs for as little as $14.

Check out the new TacStrike Backyard Memories Targets.

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