Elzetta Drop-in FLOOD Lens

Imagine, if you will, what 900 lumens face melting lumens looks like coming from a typical flashlight. You have a bright hotspot in the center that gradually tapers to a dimmer corona around the hotspot and a then a hard transition to darkness at the edge. This is great for general purpose because it provides some throw and some spill but what if you know you don’t need throw? What if your light only needs to reach across a room and it would be best if you had a wider, more evenly lit beam so that you could get the most information into your eyes regarding who or what may be lurking in that room with bad intentions?

Elzetta Drop in flood lens

Now imagine those same 900 lumens coming at you as a single, unified, and unrelenting wall of light. There are no dark spots – just one eye searing wave of light. That is what the new Elezetta Drop-in FLOOD Lens provides. As the name would suggest, this lens simply drops in to the new Elzetta Bravo and Charlie High Output Modular Flashlights. It is designed to smooth and widen the beam. With the Drop-in FLOOD Lens installed, the beam is evenly bright across most of its width with a gradual taper to dark at the extreme edges rather than a stark transition to dark like flashlights that utilize a reflector.

The applications are obvious. This is an advantageous beam profile for just about any application in which you don’t need to illuminate objects at great distances. If you need to view an entire room at once or work on something at arms length, this is what you want.

Check out ELZETTA.com.

Elzetta Drop in flood lens in light


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