TacStrike FRTC

TacStrike-LogoTacStrike hit a homerun with their Flat Rate Box Targets and the hits keep coming with the introduction of their Flat Rate Target Carrier (FRTC). The aptly named FRTC is a target carrier that can be shipped two to a USPS Flat Rate Box. The legs of the FRTC can be made from the scraps of the 1×2″ or 2×2″ lumber (not included) that you install for the uprights.

The FRTC is an important addition to the Flate Rate Box line because, as fun and productive as shooting steel can be, you have to break out the paper once in a while to stay honest. Steel gives immediate feedback and helps you keep a brisk pace on the training range but paper makes tracking the quality of your hits far easier. With the addition of the FRTC, TacStrike will now have a complete training target systems with components that are very affordable and can be shipped affordable.

Check out the FRTC at TacStrike.

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