FRB Targets from TacStrike

Your postal carrier has always dreaded this day… TacStrike just released their Flat Rate Box (FRB) Targets. These targets are inexpensive, they ship cheap, and they come in multi-packs. It’s every mailman’s worst nightmare and every shooter’s dream come true.

TacStrike FRB

TacStrike’s FRB Targets are steel training targets that are designed around the dimensions of small and medium USPS Flat Rate Shipping boxes. They have a bracket on the back that can be mounted a number of ways but is primarily designed to attach to inexpensive steel fence posts. TacStrike is able to offer the quality steel target they are known for but still keep the cost and shipping fees extremely low =since they don’t have to ship the target upright and the target fits in a Flat Rate Box. It’s genius.

The Small Flat Rate Target (SFRT) is 8″ x 5″ and ships for just $6. The Medium Flat Rate Target (MFRT) is 11″ x 13″ and ships for just $14.

The USPS is going to regret ever uttering the words, “If it fits, it ships!” Check out the new FRB Targets at TacStrike.


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